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Top Manufacturer with ISO9001, BSCI Certifications
We Focus on Screen Protector for 8 Years!!!

Private Labeling Solutions for Retailers, Distributors and Brands

With an award winning design team and storng make manufacturing capabilities, SupGlass has grown to become a leader in screen protector constantly pushing the boundaries of quality and design.

From engineering to branding and everything else that goes into bringing a product to market, we handle every stage of the process so that our partners do not need to worry about a thing.


More than anything we value our team, our clients and business partners.

We are never satisfied with the ordinary. Our design teams and manufacturing processes are always evolving as we search for more effective and efficient ways to build our products. This commitment to innovation is the driving factor behind our success and the success of our clients.

We ensure all manufacturing facilities go above and beyond the generally accepted standards to improve the livelihood of the people that help bring our products to market.

Founded in 2014
91 million+
Provided products and services to more than 91 million people worldwide
Products cover more than 70 countries and regions around the world