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Apple Adjusts Trade-in Values of Some of Its Products (2021)

Today, there are several ways to finance one’s electronic gadgets. Resellers are aware of this, and so have manufacturers in recent years. Apple is not letting this get it down.
Buying a high-end smartphone, tablet, or computer is a significant investment for some. Many people are looking for ways to keep the bill as low as possible or spread out the payment, or whatever. Getting your old device back is one method among many. It’s a method that Apple, in particular, offers in its stores. Today, there is a change in the brand to Apple.

Apple is readjusting the trade-in values of its devices.

One of the existing methods to save money when buying a new device is to take back an old one. Apple is now one of the many companies that will take around an old machine and credit you the trade-in amount to buy a new model. However, the Cupertino-based company has just made some adjustments to the trade-in values of its devices.

According to a discovery by iMore, Apple has increased the value of certain products, like the iPad and Apple Watch. For example, the iPad Pro can now be traded in for up to $525, a $25 increase from the previous maximum value of $500. The iPad Air also sees its trade-in value increase from $210 to $250, and the iPad from $200 to $240.

Some up, some down

The Apple Watch, as mentioned, can’t be beaten. On the Series 4, the trade-in value goes from $140 to $150, on the Series 3 from $85 to $95, and on the Series 1 from $30 to $35. Be wary, however, if the value has gone up for some products while for others, it has gone down. This is especially the case with Mac computers. The MacBook Pro’s trade-in value drops from $1,760 to $1,530, and the MacBook Airdrops from $730 to $630.

It’s essential to keep in mind that these are the maximum amounts you can expect to receive from Apple. Depending on the general condition of your device, the Cupertino-based company will decide whether to credit you for all or part of this maximum amount. However, it can still be an excellent option to buy a newer model at a lower price.

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