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What is Screen Protector Cutting Machine?

Screen protector cutting machine is an equipment designed for cutting various flexible PE film, PU film, hydraulic film and other screen explosion protection films.
Screen film reducing machine provides a total remedy to solve the stress on finished film supply from numerous cell phone accessories distributors. It is suitable for private entrepreneurs or cell phone repair shops.

The most essential thing is that the maker can help you fix the problems in marketing and also using typical display protection films.

The advantages of the display film cutter are keeping away from inventory stress, low financial investment cost and also achieving profitability, etc

The operation of the system is really simple and easy, it has its own cloud database, you can update the latest screen models at any time. Anyway, it is so easy to learn that you can use it immediately even if you never use it.

Why do we make use of cell phone screen protector cutting machine?

Whoever you are, we can’t do without a cell phone nowadays. As most of us know, a cell phone can help us do many things in a day, such as taking care of work issues, searching for information, sending emails, talking to friends online, etc.

Smart phones have actually played an important role in our daily life. To satisfy people’s need for smart phones, many areas related to cell phones have emerged. One of these needs is to use a screen protector to protect the screen of the cell phone from damage.

When you use a cell phone, tablet or other digital product, would you like to use a screen protector to protect it from damage? You know, cell phone and tablet are the most important things in our life now. But they are very easy to break if we drop them on the floor carelessly, so we need to apply a protective film to the cell phones, tablets or other digital products to protect them. However, there is a problem in applying traditional screen protector film, which is the inventory pressure.

As we all know, the traditional screen protector is a ready-made product that is simply stuck on the phone and we don’t need to cut it to the right size for the screen. When you do the business of pasting a traditional screen protector, you need to stock different models of cell phones or tablets, and maybe it is hard for you to sell out all the products soon, which makes it difficult to return the capital soon. In addition, it is not able to meet the demand of cold cell phone models, so you may lose some customers.

Therefore, we need a machine to cut cell phone protection film.

What problems will you encounter when you market as well as use standard screen protector films?

  • Excessive hot sale of cell phone designs, you need to prepare a large amount of supply of screen protector film.
  • Difficult to meet the requirements of customers who use unpopular phone versions.
  • The replacement speed of smart phones is also fast, lead to overstock, which is not able to eat immediately.
  • The cost of smartphone screen protection organization is too high. 5.No expert after-sales solution to support when you meet some problems.

What are the advantages of using a screen protector cutting machine?

  • Your screen protector pasting business can realize zero stock and zero loss.
  • It is easy for you to get profitability, and the investment cost is lower than the business of traditional screen film application.
  • The cutting machine would be a smart store drainage and it can attract many hot viewers.
  • A large number of cloud database, it is applicable to different models of cell phones, tablets and other digital products.
  • You don’t need to worry about inventory printing anymore, since you only cut the screen protector when you need it.

What Are Advantages of SupGlass Screen Protector Cutter Machine?

  • High Precise Cutting Holes

The cutting error of FORWARD Screen Protector Cutter is less than 0.1mm. The cutting data of cutting holes are high precise.

  • Massive Data, Update Fast

There are more than 10000 styles of cloud data and the latest database is updated fast and automatically. It covers all models of front films, back films and full coverage back films. Besides, they are suitable for mobile phones, tablets, watches and other digital products.

  • 12.9 Inches Large Screen Film Supported

This machine is not only cut small size screen protectors, like the screens of mobile phones, watches, airpod, GameBoy and cameras, etc, it is also able to cut 12.9 inches large screen film, like apple pad. In a word, it can meet different needs of different customers.

  • Multiple Connection Method

The connection method of the screen protector cutter that you can choose mobile APP, Bluetooth or built-in operating system.

  • Super Cutting Pressure

The screen protector cutting machine is equipped with high-precision film pressing wheels. The cutting pressure is up to 1000 grams. It can cut different film materials of PE, PU, PET, hydraulic film and other screen explosion-proof films.

  • Automatic Film Feeding

Automatic induction feeding, saving time and convenience, and it can automatically return the material after cutting.

  • 30 Seconds To Cut One Film

The screen protector cutter only takes 30 seconds to cut one screen protector and it is more convenient to operate.

  • Smooth And Flat Cutting Lines

The machine is adopted an imported tungsten steel cutter head, so it is lasting and durable. The film cutting lines are smooth and flat, without burrs.

  • Zero Stock of Applying Screen Protector

It is a necessary equipment for smart stores. It can solve the problem of inventory pressure of the traditional screen protector pasting business.

In general, SupGlass Screen Film Cutter Machine is an equipment that can satisfy all demands of applying screen protectors. It’s multifunctional. One machine can solve numerous standard problems of selling as well as using display guards. So, if you have a demand, please don’t miss it.

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