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Why is tempered glass better than protective film

Why is tempered glass better than protective film?

For most of us, smartphones are the most used electronic devices. From time to time, we check messages from communicators, chat, write emails, watch videos on YouTube, or play games. This makes cell phones very vulnerable to damage. A brief moment of inattention is all it takes – you hurriedly get off the bus and want to take an urgent call. Instead of landing on your ear, it lands on the sidewalk. If you have never been in such a situation, cast the first stone! The most vulnerable part is obviously the screen. Luckily, there are methods you can use to protect your screen: tempered glass and protective film. If you don’t want your phone to look like the one pictured below, we’ll tell you how to avoid it.

Broken phone tempered glass film

Protective film

Let’s start with the protective film on the screen. With this solution, you will mainly protect the screen from scratches. You can be sure that you will not see the scratches of the keys in your pocket. This is a cost-effective solution, which is often cheaper than using tempered glass. But that’s where the advantages end. Users often complain about fingerprints left on the film after use. It’s also not an easy product to install – high precision is required. How does the tempered glass come out of the protective film?

Tempered glass – complete protection for smartphones

Tempered glass for phones is a great option for people who expect more than just scratch resistance. The best example of tempered glass is the Tempered glass screen protector series from SupGlass. Thanks to the use of 3D and 2.5D technologies, they perfectly fit the smartphone’s curves and protect the entire screen surface. In addition to protection, Tempered glass screen protector offers ease of use thanks to its oleophobic coating, which allows you to easily eliminate the problem of streaks and stains that can occur with protective films. The high scratch resistance – 9H on the Wolf-Wilburn scale – proves the quality of the product.

Step by step installation of tempered glass.

tempered film installation
  • Start by applying a dust sticker, which you can remove after some time.
  • Then carefully clean the phone’s screen with a damp cloth. Remember not to get it dirty.
  • The next step is to wipe the screen with another dry cloth.
  • At this point, the screen is ready to receive the protective glass. Remove the protective film and carefully place it on the phone. Remember to be very careful!
  • Then gently press the mounted glass against the screen. Air bubbles may appear – don’t worry, they will disappear within 2 days.
  • Clean the screen surface with damp and then dry glass cloth. Done!

Your phone is already safe.

As you can see, the installation process for tempered glass is not complicated. It’s worth it to protect your phone this way – it’s a simple solution that will help you avoid costly visits to the repair department. You can find Tempered glass screen protector on our website, Click here.

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